An Addendum

March 27, 2010

So for all of you who would like to see/read other 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics blogs here are a bunch (these are the ones I could remember – if you see one that’s not on this list I can add a link – just drop me a note) – Some of these blogs are not dedicated specifically to the Olympics, so you might have to scroll back a few pages… these are in no particular order, though the first two you should check out for sure…

Sol Neelman:

Robert Gauthier (LA Times):,0,7243907.htmlstory

Don Feria:

Donald Miralle:

John Leyba (Denver Post):

Trent Nelson (Salt Lake City Tribune):

Dan Mears (Detroit News) – mixed in with reporters blogs:

Brian Peterson (Minnapolis Star Tribune) – not a blog but a photo gallery:

and of course if you browse around Sportsshooter you’ll find some stuff:

One last thank you to the staff at the Mercury News – they gave me a nice send off and sent me nice messages throughout… Karen, Jim, Gary, Josie, Dai, Maria, LiPo, Pauline and of course my golf buddy Patrick Tehan who sent me odd and funny notes throughout – thank you!

Oh yea and thank you to Don for driving a couple of bags up to Vancouver!


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