Last Day!

February 28, 2010

Woke up early to head to USA versus Canada… got there at about 8:15 mainly because I wanted to make sure I had a decent spot but I also figured I’d throw up a remote.  I put it over the US goalie.  There was a pretty big line at security, they decided, for the first time and without warning that they were going to check every single bag and wand every single person at the media entrance.  There was quite a large line and we were there more than four hours early.

Went up into the rafters and put up the remote, lots of space up there!  After I put up the remote we looked outside and saw that the line for security was huge, i mean ridiculously long, plus there was only one xray machine – so it looked like a 45-60 minutes wait to get through security!  Glad I got there early!  See pic below – above security line you can see light-rail stop.

After dealing with the remote I dropped some gear on a seat next to John Leyba in the b section.  Gerry McCarthy and Kyle Terada were also in my row.  Doug Mills from the NYT was sitting to my left.  I brought my computer with me because I didn’t want to waste time running back and forth.  so I downloaded disks in-between periods.  After ditching my stuff I ate a philly cheese steak before the game, glad I did because I wouldn’t have time to eat anything else until the end of the night.

The game was awesome, best hockey game I have ever been at by far (although the pictures were far from the best).  The fans were a little less crazy than I thought they were going to be.  Maybe it was like the superbowl where the true fans sell their tickets.  I hear some tickets were going for several thousand dollars and way up (depending where of course).  Yikes.

It was funny before the game Kevin Sullivan was pissed he was stuck in C – which is behind the bench and would typically not be an ideal place (because it’s good to see the bench, especially at end of the game because they all come streaming out of the bench) but his spot and one specific ice spot ended up being the place to be.  Our safe spot in B was kinda hosed – after Crosby scored the game winning goal (which I sorta had) he spun around and skated into the corner and then jubed… we couldn’t see much at that point.  There were only three photographers on the ice in the right spot that got the pic, of course Robert from the LA Times chose right, John Lok from Seattle Times was there and Larry Smith from EPA.  I don’t feel bad about not being on the ice, I mean I wish I had, and obviously I would have loved to have been in that spot but I would have chosen the side to the right of Robert – which would have been the wrong side anyways.

After the game we scanned quickly, might not have done the best edit, but since the game went into overtime we had little time to make it over to closing ceremonies which, luckily was right next door in BC Place.  It was still a 15-20 minute walk but it wouldn’t have been possible if we had had to actually go somewhere else.

I also had to go back up to the rafters and retrive the remote.  I was pretty pissed off about my remote, when I was installing it I asked someone whether or not the light that was on was the same during the game – granted it was my fault for waiting until the last day to put a remote up but still – they said it was the same even though it seemed darker to me… well it wasn’t the same and all my remote pics were worthless because they were about two stops too bright.  oh well, I also a had the remote over the wrong goal.

About an hour after the game ended we bolted and headed next door to BC Place for Closing Ceremonies.  Walked over with Dan Mears from the Detroit News, Kevin Sullivan and Gerry McCarthy.  It was realitvely easy to walk over there kinda of surprisingly easy, but had to lug roller up a bunch of stairs and walk around to the other side of the stadium.  Ditched my stuff in a locker and headed to my position.

I headed to my spot – B – found a friendly face when I walked in sitting on the aisle at the top of the B section, Don Feria, so I crammed in next to him.  I got there a about 30 minutes before it started, at about 5:00 – several people had arrived at 1!  Several people arrived after the ceremonies had started.  Closing, super boring, closing’s are very anticlimactic, and this one seemed to take forever too.

It was actually great timing to run into Don cause I figured I could drop my roller off with him (remember he was nice enough to drive that and a backpack up for me).  Afterwards he headed back to the MPC to pack up and I went to the media room and transmitted next to Paul Kitagaki.  When I was done I headed out to the light rail station and went back to the Waterfront station.  I met Don there and we took the Canada light rail line back to the King Edward stop, Don had left his car there.

There we met Josie and reporter Elliott Almond.  We all piled into Don’s Mini Cooper and headed to Denman Street.  We went to a Japanese restaurant named Kingyo.  They stopped serving food at 11:30 and we got there at 11:20 so we had to order a lot of food.  We ordered some extra because Robert was heading over from the MPC.  Food was really good, wish we could have ordered some more.  After all the food was gone a couple of Zuma press guys – Jed Conklin and Patrick Fallon headed in- so they could only eat what was left.  After dinner Don was nice enough to drive us all back to the Radisson.  Ended up not giving him my stuff because we figured we go to dinner the next night…  I always make sure to not leave the day after, one because I want one day to decompress and two because the airport is super nuts the day afterwards.


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