Guess What? Hockey!

February 26, 2010

A couple of semi-final hockey games today.  USA vs Finland was up first.  I decided to shoot the first period down low, so far the US had been shooting to the right goal (from the media area) for all of their games, I had gotten there early and marked a spot down there.  I should have checked during warm-ups to see which way they were going but I forgot.  I headed out about 10 minutes before the game was about to start and sat down only to see them going the other direction.  I could have stayed and pretended like I knew what I was doing but I swallowed my pride and told the wire dudes that I had sat in-between that I had gone to the wrong side.

But check this out, this is kinda crazy, as I was leaving a little frantic cause I was so late and Asian guy stops me and says “are you Nhat?”  I didn’t recognize the dude so i said “uh yea” – and he said “you might not remember me but you took my picture with a cutout of Yao Ming in Oakland” (this was in 2002 – I dug up the picture below) – I actually remembered him immediately (at least taking the picture) – didn’t remember his name had to look it up – Aaron Lim.  He was nice cause he said he looks for my name in the paper.

It was weird though because I was worried that the other side would be busy but it was basically empty.  It was good I decided to head over to the other side because the first period was all the US needed – they scored 6 goals in the first – even had one of our Sharks players on the USA team in one of the celebration pics (just his back though).  It was nice to have six chances at goal celebrations because I only had three of them, the rest I was either blocked or just missed them or unusable because of the glass.  in the first period, so the second and third were quite boring.

Josie had a ticket to his game, after the game I went up to the stands and said hello.  It was neat to have the games so close to the States because I’d run into people – the first week I ran into a former picture editor at the Merc – Caroline Couig.  My friend Jessica was there with her fiancé though I never happened to be at the same event.

There was a four hour break before the next game (Canada versus Slovakia) so I went to lunch with Kevin, John, Larry Smith and a Serbian guy named Suki.  We went to some diner type place nearby and had poor service again, food wasn’t so great either – I wanted lasagna but they were out so I got melted cheese on spaghetti – it was okay.  After lunch Kevin had to run into costco cause he was running out of space on his hard drive, they had close about 15 minutes before but was able to beg his way in, hard drive space is important!

Next up was the Canada vs Slovakia game.  This game was ticketed so I was up top in B.  We all thought it would be like the USA game where it was a blowout, and it looked like it was going to be one, but in the third it was 3-2 and Slovakia had gotten really close to scoring the tying goal.  Of couse they didn’t make it but it did end up being a close game.

After hockey we met Josie at the same intersection and Kevin talked us into heading to his neighborhood we ended up going to a swanky place called The Keg – really good food (close to where we went drinking a couple of nights ago).  It was Friday night and a little nuts but the Keg was a little off the beaten path.  John joined us for dinner.  Afterwards Josie and I grabbed a cab back to the Radisson.

Well I said it would have to be a miracle for me not to get sick, and today I was starting to feel it in my stomach and I also have a sore throat.  I’m just hoping I can hold on a couple more days.


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