More Hockey

February 25, 2010

The first game I was supposed to cover wasn’t until 3:30 today (!), but Purdy was able to reserve a time to talk with the USA equipment manager – who is also the Sharks equipment manager.  So we arrived at Canada Hockey Place at 10, Purdy talked with him for about 15-20 minutes and I took a pretty unexciting picture of him under the stadium.  It was a little annoying because there was an invisible line we were not allowed to cross with a security guy standing there – I asked if I could take the guys picture five feet on the other side of the imaginary line because the light was a teeny bit better but he wouldn’t allow it.  People are definitely very unflexable here.

The Women’s bronze medal match started at 11 – didn’t really need to cover that game so I didn’t, but I figured I’d go out and shoot the last few minutes of the jube at the end of the game.  I talked John Leyba into going out with me, the pictures were pretty decent.

Afterwards Shot the hockey gold medal match.  Canada ended up winning 2-0.  I shot the first two periods (from the same side – US coming at me first and then Canada) from the ice and the third up top.  The Canadian goalie was crazy good.

After hockey we had to boogie over to figure skating, so we transmitted for about 40 minutes and then we booked it outside.  John had already left so Kevin, Paul and I grabbed a cab (it made much more sense than taking the media shuttle back to the MPC and the shuttle to Pacific Coliseum).  We walked out of the stadium and took the elevator by Costco up to the street and looked for a cab, we flagged one down just outside of the light rail.  Kevin was hungry so we swung by Burger King on the way in.  Once we got there we finished transmitting the hockey images.

Before we left Canada Hockey Place we heard that some Korean and Japanese photographers stayed overnight in order to get an ice spot!?!  Many US people headed over around 5 or 6 am to try and get ice level.  Donald Miralle blogged about it: Originally figure skating was supposed to be ticketed, but then they (the IOC I guess) decided not to ticket, then they decided to ticket just the ice level spots, it was very annoying.  They’ve done that a bunch of times, said an event was ticketed and then at the last minute changed their minds.  It was kinda frustrating because we might have already made the effort to sign up for the ticket (at the USOC which is on the other side of the MPC) and then the next day go back to the USOC to pick-up the ticket and then find out it wasn’t even needed.  I guess not enough people are showing up to get the tickets?

I sat in nearly the same spot I sat for figure skating the other day.  Didn’t seem a whole lot different than the day before.  There was also very little drama – as long as no one really screwed up it seemed as if the standings were pretty set.  After the competition was over I jogged over to the other side so I could see the medal ceremony.

And remember that big hullabaloo about the Canadian hockey players come out and smoking cigars and drinking alcohol after the game on the ice – well I felt bad at first that I had missed it – but then I read that it happened about an hour and a half after the game ended.  There was just no way for me to be there unless I had missed figure skating.  So obviously that didn’t happen the only people that were still there wire photographers.

One of the cool things about this Olympics was that I stayed in a hotel (yea Radisson) – the past two Summer Olympics I stayed in the media housing – basically dorm rooms.  But to get into the media housing you needed to have a media credential.  Since I was staying in a hotel by the airport people didn’t need a credential which meant I could have visitors.  My cousin Angie and her friend stayed with me for five nights, my buddy Don crashed one night and my co-worker and bf Josie crashed with me the last few days I was there.

So after the game Kevin and I met up with Josie just outside of the MPC at the corner of Howe and Cordova.  I accidently gave her the wrong directions to Lions pub – oops.  Anyway, she found us just before the phone died.  This was the first time that there was a line to get into Lions, we waited about 15 minutes and then they let us in – oddly enough the place was nearly empty but I guess they didn’t have a enough people to work.  Some super annoying Canadian fans were sitting behind us and one of them was clanking their cowbell the whole night – ugh.  John came over and joined us a little while after we got there.  Afterwards Josie and I took the light rail back to the hotel…


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