February 24, 2010

Today was probably one of the shortest days for me, two hockey games – USA vs Switzerland and Canada vs Russia.  I was able to sleep in until 9!  Headed out to the arena at about 10.  Going to Canada Hockey Place is kinda nice cause I can just take the light rail there – it was empty and it’s only three stops away (after the light rail from the hotel) on either the Millennium or King George line.  Rolled in late around 11!  John Leyba and I headed to the ice, we shot on the US goal side the first two periods and went up top for the third.  It was actually a kinda close game, the US won by two goals though.

Above, Steve the nice hockey venue manager cleans the glass before the US game…

Not a lot of time in between games but headed out the door to Costco and grabbed a slice of pizza (decent) and some fries and chicken sticks (not good).  When i was there I noticed they had this weird dish called Poutine, okay, gross looking, it’s cheese curds and french fries, perhaps Costco wasn’t a good judge of what Poutine is supposed to look like, but it looked super gross at Costco.

Next up was Canada vs Russia, big game cause it meant whoever lost would not be able to medal.  Everyone thought it’d be close but it was a total blow out 7-3.

This game was ticketed, you literally had to have a ticket.  To get to my spot my ticket (and credential of course) was checked three times!  Just to get from the media area to my seat (which was B – up in the stands) my ticket was checked twice.  Kinda ridiculous but that’s how they did it.  So as much as I hate to stay in one spot for the whole entire game I didn’t have a choice.

So everything was shot overhead, the Sharks goalie who is the Russian goalie had a terrible game and was pulled.  I came up with the brilliant realization that I would be coming back the next several days so I asked for an overnight locker at Canada Hockey Place and they said yes – so I didn’t have to go back to the MPC!  yea.  Afterwards a bunch of us headed to dinner, we got a ride from Scott Mc Kiernan from Zuma Press who had a car and went to a place on Denman St.

It was Scott, Paul, John, Kevin and I.  Unfortunately the place we went had terrible service – top 5 worst ever, took 30 minutes just to talk to a waitress, I was pushing for us to leave, but wasn’t able to get every one to agree, took another 30 minutes to order and get a beer, Paul pushed to leave at that point, but since had already ordered it seemed weird to leave.  After food, we made the terrible decision to get dessert, another 45 minutes, ended up being a 3 hour dinner.  Then we went out for drinks down by Granville St., it was a little crazy so we didn’t drink on Granville but found a pub nearby.  So it was a late night.  Scott was nice enough to drive me back to my hotel.


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